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VENSEC conducts various social programs from time to time. Panchayath Executive committee, Agricultural officials, Block members, PTA members and Kudumbasree members are taking initiatives to head such programs.

  • Conducting awareness programme
  • Working with Gram Panchayath and Kudumbasree in various activities
  • Career guidance programme
  • Organising sports training Programme
  •  Constructions of toilet, kitchen etc.
  • Donating News paper in various schools
  • Conducting Quiz Competition
  • Agricultural based programme (transform the parched farm lands to ones worthy of cultivation)
  • Spiritual awareness programme
  • Interest free loan to farmers and Kudumbasree workers


VENSEC is actively involved in various fields including but not limited to, Education, Sports, Health, and Agriculture.  Marginalized social groups are the beneficiaries of the following activities as described below. VENSEC seeks to spearhead major social changes.

  • Pension program for poor
  • Breakfast for poor children
  • Reading Club
  • Libraries in Govt. School
  • Transportation facilities providing for poor school  children
  • Agricultural activities
  • Medical help
  • Home for Homeless
  • Land for landless
  • Sports training
  • Public  library