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“Speak up for the rights of all

who are destitute .”

Proverbs 31:8

VENSEC, registered under the Indian Societies Act and based in Kerala, is an independent charitable organisation working towards social welfare and economic empowerment. VENSEC, through its ideals and activities, seeks to shine forth as a glowing exemplar in being an organization committed towards serving one’s fellow men as well as be an example par excellence in promoting social and environmental consciousness.

VENSEC is the brain child of Mr. Koshy Samuel (Babuji), The Group Vice Chairman of Nidal Group, whose humanitarian vision and compassion has made this organization what it is today. As of now, VENSEC is actively present in the area(s) of Humanitarian Initiatives and Charitable Activities, Sports and the Promotion of Social & Environmental Consciousness.  

1. Giving monthly help to 90 families Rs 1000/month.They are cancer , kidney, sugar and other chronic patients.

2. Constructed 14 nos of toilets and 14 nos of urinals for girls and boys of Marthoma Higher Secondary school Venmoney, and MP modern toilet for the staff. And also one biogas plant for cooking the food. 15 nos of water taps to facilities the student to wash their hands Rs 515000/-

3. Maintanance of all Christian Chruches in venmoney casting Rs 30000/-

4. Doing agriculture one in the paddy fields of venmoney  purchases all in that nearly 100 acres of follow lands are made ready and cultivates  paddy. Last year Rs 1100,000/-  Paddy sold to civil supplies of  Kerala.

5. Giving Loan to 25 farmers to do cultivation. Who ever is interested in agriculture and ready to work individual or Kudumpasree unit are given financial support or help.

6. Sports classes are conducted in the school during the vacation.

7. Social camps are conducted for the students during vacations.

8. One Mahindra Mini Bus Rs 1060000/- to transport Govt.JB. School students of Venmoney

9. Helped to purchase one mini bus to transport the children of M.U.P School Kollakdavu.

10. One Tractor is purchased to support agriculture work



‘Standing with people in crisis - give, act, pray’